The perfect Valentine's day outfit wherever the occasion takes you

The perfect Valentine's day outfit wherever the occasion takes you

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Even if in the past you've detested the celebration of love, why not embrace it this year, regardless of your romantic situation? Whether you find yourself single and open to new adventures or you're gearing up for yet another Valentine’s day with a long-time partner, why not inject some excitement into the occasion through your Valentine's day outfit! Below, we've curated a selection of Valentine’s day outfit tailored to your relationship status or evening plans.

The first Valentine’s day

The initial Valentine's day holds a special significance for any couple because it involves a blend of nerves, excitement, or even the element of surprise especialy if one partner is caught unaware by the plans for "the evening of romance." Personally, I believe in keeping things modest for the first Valentine day. Let's reserve the red-heart tights and "I Love You" sweaters for the second Valentine’s day outfit (if it comes to that). Instead, consider a subdued yet festive look: well-fitted jeans paired with a top featuring red or pink, complemented by playful accessories and delicate lingerie (for that personal confidence boost, of course). This ensemble is suitable whether you're dining at an elegant restaurant, enjoying a cozy meal at home, or opting for something out-of-the-box like... bowling. (Note to self: if bowling is on the agenda, choose socks wisely—ones without hearts would be preferable.)



Valentine's day outfit lingerie



Perfect top for Valentine's day outfit


Low loose jeans perfect Valentine's day outfit


Wild heart earrings



Black lace lingerie


The Valentine's day getaway.

If you're breaking free from your usual routines for Valentine’s Day, and organising a romantic trip away, it's the perfect chance to shake up your wardrobe. If your typical go-to is jeans and a top, but you're off to the beach, why not try a charming Valentine's day dress or a playful playsuit instead? Planning a weekend getaway or a city staycation where dresses are usually reserved for work? Opt for a laid-back yet chic look with a knit top and stylish corduroy trousers. The key is to embrace a different side of your style than your everyday norm. After all, travel opens up avenues for self-exploration, and what better way to express that than through your choice of clothing?


Kalie Playsuit


Valentine's day outfit


Chunky gold ring



Valentine's day with long term partner

You're familiar with the saying—“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly spice things up with new lingerie”? Okay, maybe that's not the exact quote, but the sentiment applies here, don't you think? If your partner isn't expecting a grand entrance at the bedroom door, a delicate cami set adorned with charming lace could be just the thing to surprise them. And even if it's just the two of you enjoying a cozy night in, why not elevate the experience with a silky set of pyjamas to add a hint of allure to your Netflix marathon?


Ma Cherie cami set

Silk PJs


Valentine's day when you're single and ready to mingle

If you're single and open to mingling or content with flying solo, Valentine’s Day outfits present a chance to embrace self-celebration. For those seeking a partner, confidence is key. So, slip into whatever attire brings you the utmost comfort and allows your confidence to radiate—whether it's your beloved little black dress, a cherished leather jacket, or daring thigh-high boots. The important thing is to stay true to yourself.


Cream cowboy boots



Black gold bag
Black high heel shoes

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