Old Money Aesthetic Without The Old Money Trust Fund.

Old Money Aesthetic Without The Old Money Trust Fund.

Described by TikTok as embodying "quiet luxury," the old money aesthetic has captivated fashion lovers, inspiring them to emulate the sophisticated style of the obscenely wealthy. It's a classic look crafted from high-quality fabrics and subtle details but the best part is... you don't need the "old money" bank account to achieve it. Simply choose the right pieces from the right brands.

To help you curate your old money-inspired wardrobe, here is a list of brands that epitomise old money style and some alternative options to keep it real.

Ralph Lauren

At the top of the list Ralph Lauren stands as an epitome of old-money clothing brands. Founded with a vision to encapsulate the essence of classic American elegance, Ralph Lauren's brand revolves around timeless style and an unwavering attention to detail. From its iconic polo shirts to its impeccably tailored suits and luxurious accessories, each Ralph Lauren piece exudes a sense of old money sophistication.


Chanel stands as a quintessential example of an old money clothing brand, celebrated for its timeless allure.  The French Maison continuously redefines luxury fashion with its iconic designs and impeccable attention to detail. From the little black dress to the iconic quilted handbags each Chanel creation embodies the epitome of old money style.

For a touch of Chanel at a fraction of the price check out these Nina Armando flats.

Old money aesthetic

Jil Sander 

Jil Sander stands as another exemplary old money clothing brand renowned for its contemporary designs. Embracing their modern aesthetic is a chic way to infuse a fresh attitude into your classic style.

Old money outfits 

For fresh attitude on a budget check out this baguette from Ideal of Sweden

Ideal of Sweeden


Brooks Brothers

For those seeking an old money aesthetic, look no further than Brooks Brothers. Established in 1818 by Henry Sands, it boasts a rich legacy as the oldest and most esteemed brand in the United States. 

But, if you are looking for a similar preppy, tennis club dress at a fraction of the cost this dress from Dazie fits the bill perfectly.

Tennis club dress

 Louis Vuitton

Hermes stands as a prestigious brand with a storied history of expert craftsmanship, freedom, and creativity. Renowned for its iconic leather goods, including the coveted Birkin and Kelly bags, Hermes also excels in silk scarves which are a perfect accessory for those looking to create old money outfits without spending $,000s.

Other beautiful options can be found on the high street such as this one from Trenery. 

Silk scarf



Burberry trench old money

Known for its iconic trench coats Burberry established itself on the principles of protecting individuals from the British weather. Blending heritage craftsmanship with modern design, the Great British label creates coveted pieces with its distinctive tartan pattern. 

 & Other Stories also has some fabulous trench coats that deliver perfectly on the Old Money aesthetic.  Check out this one. 

Old money aesthetic 

J Crew

One of our favourites here at WKND EDIT is J.Crew, renowned for introducing modern classics crafted with quality materials and meticulous attention to detail and so is a great option for those seeking old money outfits at more accessible prices.  Love Love Love. 


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