The Art of Digital Decluttering

The Art of Digital Decluttering

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 

A digital declutter is something I believe we should all be embracing.  We live in a world where our devices are like extensions of ourselves. They connect us, entertain us, and become our ever present side kick. But, just like that drawer that's overflowing with odds and ends at home, your devices can become breeding grounds for digital chaos limiting our efficiency and distracting us from being our most effective selves.  It's time to regain control by embracing the magic of digital decluttering.

Streamlining Your App Collection

Digital decluttering

Photo by William Hook 
I would argue that most of us only use a tiny proportion of the apps we have on our phone. It's time to send those unused apps packing including all those that were preinstalled back at the time when you slowly and lovingly peeled that protective plastic from your screen.  Say goodbye and reclaim valuable memory space. Then, embark on a quest to identify app doppelgangers and bid adieu to the clones.

Don't forget those subscriptions. Trim the excess and let go of those you no longer need. A digital declutter is like decluttering your wardrobe, but instead of clothes, it's your app collection that's getting an edit.

Here is a digital decluttering checklist to help you reclaim your digital sanity.  

1) Organising Your Digital Treasure Trove

Whether it's heartwarming memories or hilarious cat videos, it's time to sort them out.  Designate a folder for photos, videos, downloads, and voice notes.

Then as you sort ask yourself, "Does this spark joy?" (Just like Marie Kondo would) If the answer is "yes" then sort them into folders, each telling a chapter of your life's story. If the answer is "no" it is time to remove and free up valuable space for storing future memories.

2) Navigating the Sea of Unread Emails

We've all faced the daunting sea of unread emails, wondering how we ended up here. Fear not, it all starts with a mindset shift—from hoarder to minimalist. Archive, or delete those emails that no longer serve you.

Very importantly, as you delete don't forget to unsubscribe from those retail newsletters that have lost their shine. As for your drafts, keep the best, discard the rest.

Creating a Zen Desktop Oasis

Digital decluttering your phone

Photo by Derick Anies 

This is my favourite bit and where I feel the biggest impact. Take the time to look at each icon, file, and app on your desktop and decide if it is in the correct place or needs to be relocated to ensure you are as productive as you can be.

Keep an eye out for strays and duplicates removing the unnecessary to free up space and make you feel super organised and calm from the very moment you turn on your machine.  

3) Digitaly Decluttering Your Online Playground

Bookmarks are a reminder of what used to be your "ride or die" sites but maybe no longer. Take a stroll through your bookmarks, separating the must-haves from the maybe-maybe nots and delete away. And for those open tabs? It's like curating a playlist—keep only the hits you're jamming to right now.

4) Crafting Your Digital Vibe

 Digitally decluttering your laptop

Photo by Andrew Neel 

Ready to curate your digital vibe? Unfollow the ones that no longer spark joy.

Become the master of your notifications and reign them in.  Customise what pings and dings and only keep the ones that you really want to get your attention. Imagine a time where your device alerts only for what truly matters.

5) Elevate Your Digital Sanctuary

You've conducted a virtual spring clean but don't forget to do a physical one too. 

A clean, sanitised device is a happy device. Maximise battery life by closing unused apps and clearing browsing history. Your device will thank you with extended energy.

Remember,a mini vacation from your tech buddy will do you the world of good.  Schedule a date to power down once a week, and remind yourself—devices are tools, not tyrants. They're here to serve, not to overwhelm.

6) Your Digital Decluttered Haven: A Reflection of You

So there you have it—a guide to decluttering your devices, remember, this journey is all about crafting a digital space that reflects your true self, where everything is at your fingertips and clutter is a thing of the past. 

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