Your skin care routine for the best winter skin yet with advice from Caroline Hirons

Your skin care routine for the best winter skin yet with advice from Caroline Hirons

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Photo by Ethan Haddox

Great skin care becomes increasingly important as the weather turns chilly and the heating is ramped up in the car and house because it's now that we really feel the change in our skin. My skin is definitely looking duller and flakier than it has in weeks. In my efforts to get back my glow I sought out online advice from the incredible Caroline Hirons as to how best to move from a summer skin care routine to one more suitable for autumn and winter months.  

Caroline recommends changing up your skin care as the weather gets colder, "switch to nourishing cleansing milks, creams and balms and you’ll feel a difference in your skin immediately."

Winter skin cleansers

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser or The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

        Skin care routine Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser                       Skin care routine The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

It is important to keep exfoliating through the cooler seasons keep up with the acids, don't slow down in winter. Acids are crucial for keeping your skin exfoliated and fresh, ready to accept anything that follows them. Treat yourself to a new one to keep the skin challenged in a safe, non-aggressive way. 

Winter skin care exfoliators 

Medik8 Press and Glow                              or Pixi Glow and Peel Pads           

Skin care routine Medik8 Press and Glow                                            Pixi Glow and Peel Pads


Upgrade your spritzes/essences – and use them liberally.

Winter is no time to be using spray water – like Evian in a can. Use skin care spritzes or essences that contain other ingredients, like minerals and oils, they work as an extra layer of hydration and hold everything that follows in place, including individual serums and oils.

Winter skin mists

Pai century flower barrier defence mist or Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating accelerator

Skin care routine Pai Barrier Defence Mist                                              Skin care routine Josh Rosebrook


Facial oil is a great way to supercharge your skin care. Try two drops under your moisturiser in the mornings to keep your skin protected throughout the day and again at night. Skin shouldn’t feel greasy when you do this, if it does, you’re using too much product.

Winter skin care oil

Pai Rosehip bioregenerate oil  

Skin care routine Pai oil

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