Melbourne's charm unfurls in a myriad of ways.

Melbourne's charm unfurls in a myriad of ways.

"WKNDS in the city" is a heartfelt series celebrating the places that shape our lives and our weekends.


Weekends in Melbourne, a dance with the sun. A city that dazzles, where adventures are spun. The Yarra flows gently, reflecting the light. As mornings awaken, serene and bright.

From dawn's gentle blush to the mid-morning rays, Melbourne's charm unfurls in a myriad of ways. Cafés on corners, the aroma of brew. A warm cup of coffee, the sky painted blue.

Laneways that whisper of secrets untold, street art that dazzles, vibrant and bold. Brunches that linger, with laughter and cheer, friends gathered close, the weekend draws near.

The Queen Vic Market, a bustling delight, stalls filled with treasures, from dawn until night. Fresh fruits and veggies, a gourmet display, Melbourne’s heartbeat, in the light of the day.

Gardens that beckon, a verdant retreat, botanical wonders, a soothing heartbeat. The Royal Gardens bloom with flora so grand, a paradise nurtured by careful hand.

Afternoons stretch with a leisurely grace, exploring the suburbs, a charming embrace. St Kilda's shoreline, where waves gently kiss, the sands of the bay, a weekend's pure bliss.

Cyclists and joggers along the sea's edge, the pier that juts out like a welcoming ledge. Luna Park's laughter, the thrill of the ride, echoes of joy in the tide's gentle stride.

Evening descends, the city aglow, lights that shimmer, a beautiful show. Restaurants beckon with culinary delight, flavours that dance on the tongue through the night.

Cultural echoes in theatres and halls, music that sweeps through Melbourne’s vast sprawl. From symphonies grand to jazz’s sweet sound, art’s vibrant pulse in every corner is found.

A rooftop bar with the skyline in view, cocktails that clink, conversations anew. The stars twinkle down on the city below, a magical end to the day’s golden glow.

Sunday markets with their eclectic array, handcrafted wonders that brighten the day. Prahran to Fitzroy, treasures to find, glimpses of artistry, crafted with mind.

Footy matches where crowds cheer with pride, in the heart of the city, passions collide. Melbourne’s spirit, a fervent display, in every heart, in every play.

As twilight whispers and the weekend fades, memories linger in Melbourne’s arcade. Weekends in Melbourne, where moments entwine, a city’s embrace, a love so divine.

With each passing moment, a story to weave, in the heart of Melbourne, where weekends breathe. A tapestry rich, a vibrant refrain, In the pulse of the city, through sun and rain.

Melbourne’s weekends, a mosaic so bright, from dawn’s early light to the deep of the night. A celebration of life in a city so fair, in Melbourne, Australia, there’s magic in the air.


 Photo: Daniel Pelaez Duque

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