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Axel & Ash

Press Pause Journal

Press Pause Journal

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The Press Pause journal is more than just a notebook; it's a sanctuary for introspection and self-discovery. With engaging questions, insightful prompts, and captivating narratives, embark on a weekly journey of reflection and growth. This journal encourages you to explore your dreams, aspirations, and desires.

Life is a collecton of moments, from the big, meaningful decisions that change our paths to the little smiles we receive from a stranger - every moment defines our story.

This weekly journal is a space for you to Press Pause on the craziness of life and to capture all the magic moments that can otherwise so easily pass us by.

The Press Pause Journal is filled with

  • Quirky questions
  • Thought provoking prompts
  • Inspiring stories 
  • 52 weeks of journaling pages
  • Beautiful quotes
  • Monthly check - ins to keep you motivated. 

Don't fast forward life, take time once a week to curl up in your favourite spot and use ths book to pause, rewind, reflect and record all those incredible moments and feelings youu've experienced.c 

"Be yourself, there is no-one better."

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