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Axel & Ash

Swept Away by Wanderlust Travel Journal

Swept Away by Wanderlust Travel Journal

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This Swept Away by Wanderlust travel journal is beautifully bound in an earthy latte-coloured cloth, with a chic, vintage feel that suits every kind of traveller – from the stylish jet setter to the novice explorer.
Every time you travel you have a story to tell about freedom, adventure and lust for life. Swept Away by Wanderlust is a travel journal to capture the thoughts, feelings and sensations you feel on your travels. It’s the ultimate way to capture all your memories in style!
This travel journal is filled with
  • Quirky questions
  • Fun writing prompts
  • Witty ‘to-do’ notes
  • List pages to jot down memories
  • A bucket list to fill out along the way. 

To travel the world is a gift.  When you are old and grey looking back on your life and how you made your mark on this world, there is nothing more fascinating than telling your own tale.  This is your story. 

"Happiness is a way of travel, not the destination."

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